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  • Yoolax Motorized Curtain with Remote Electric Curtain Rods & Texture Thermal Insulated Drapes Smart Curtain Compatible with Alexa and Google Home Customized

  • PARAMETER: Motor work under 100V-240V, responsive and quiet operate. Need to plug in, please make sure there is a port near the curtain rod. 30 curtain rollers by default. DIY white curtain track length from 88inches to 157inches by stretch out and draw back.
  • EASY-TO-INSTALL: No need for Splicing assembly, our curtain rod is a set, it can be adjusted to the exact width you want. We offer install instructions and video, If you need please send an email to to get the video link.
  • MOTORIZED SMART CURTAIN TRACK: Voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant (no need HUB), TuyaSmart APP control, Remote control and Manual control. You can also set a timer on TuyaSmart App(when weather changes, when location changes and schedule etc.)
  • FUNCTIONS: Only can be able to open from center. Smart motor can remember curtain position and distance settings. You can manually light pull the curtain then trigger the motor to operate automatically. You can also open the curtain by hand when power is off.
  • SHIPPING&SERVICE: Usually dispatched in 2-3 workdays. Receiving damaged components, please take photos, claim to send to us within 30 days, we'll work with you for free replacement in this valid time.
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Question:Will this curtain track mount to ceiling?

Answer:Yes, it can be installed on ceiling.


Question:Can the motor be on the left side?

Answer:Yes, the motor can be placed on the left side. Both sides of the rod are the same, you can just change a direction when you install it.


Question:Can this be changed from a plug-in for power to hardwired?

Answer:Yes, it is hardwired.


Question:Do curtains overlap at center?

Answer:Hi, there has some overlap at center to ensure no light leaking


Question:What is the rod made of? 

Answer:It's made of aluminum. The heavy rod is silver and std rod is white.


Usually dispatched in 4-7 working days after getting size confirmation. 5-8 working days for transportation.Customer self-installs, all the mounting kits, instructions are included in the package. The remote basic program is a factory set before ship. You can also email us to get the video or PDF version instructions.



Receiving damage of fabric or components, please take photos, send them to us within 30 days, we'll work with you for free replacement at a valid time. Each auto blind shades are made to order, can't be sold after a return. We appreciate customer precise measures & careful orders, avoid return without quality issues.



Yoolax offers end product a 2-year warranty on motors and controls. Any damage or fails of motors or controls in the first 2 years, we provide repair or replacement free of charge. If receiving damage of fabric or components, please take photos, send claim to us within 30 days. We'll work with you for free replacement in this valid time.

Motorized Blind Shades


Yoolax Smart Electric Curtain

Add the convenience of operating your shades with a touch of a button. Raise and lower multiple adjacent windows. The motorized option is the perfect solution for hard to reach windows.

Smart Home Automation

Controlling Your Window Treatments

Work with TuyaSmart app via Wi-Fi signal, set a timer on the APP. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. Can also be controlled with the remote. If powered out, don’t worry, it can also be open and close by hand smoothly.
  • TOP Installation
Optional top installation. We offer top installation brackets in the package. If you have any problems with the install, please feel free to come to us for video instructions.
  • SIDE Installation
Our Curtain rod can also be Side installation. We provided side installation brackets in the package. Please pay attention, our curtain rod cannot be installed outdoor. The motor is not waterproof.
Our curtain rod is an adjustable motorized curtain rod, can stretch out from 87"-157" width. So you can get the accurate width you want.

Adjustable Smart Curtain Rod

DIY white curtain track length from 88inches to 157inches by stretch out and draw back.

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