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Voice Control

You might be making a delicious lunch, or you mightbe making your home look tidy, and you can't spareyour hands to raise and lower the shades. Makingeverything as simple as magic, you can make lifehappier by simply saying "open" and "close".

Timing Function

In the morning, let the motorized curtains open slowly to wake up the vitality of the day. At night, let the shades close, allowing you to have enough privacy and a nice nights sleep. Let the automatic blinds accompany your living habits and accompany you every day.

Positioning Control

The blinds will then automatically lower and raise when you're away from the home.Set a few positions,let the curtain adjust according to your position. Realizing a smart home, it's as easy as that.

Sunset/Sunrise Timing Function

Open or close the shades according to the local sunrise / sunset time,Let the curtain work as regularlyas the sun.

About Us

Yoolax started out of curiosity about smart living. We want to provide customers around the world
with smart products that are rich in technology,affordable and comfortable to use. We provide you with home and lifestyle inspiration to make your home smarter.

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