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  • HOW TO CONTROL THE SMART SHADES ? ① Remote Control: No longer have to feel the toil for manually opening & closing top down bottom up blinds. you will use the remote to easily open, close, adjust the position of the cellular shades cordless. (This remote control supports 15 automatic blinds).② Voice & App Control: This motor can work with all Alexa & Google home, only a smart bridge is needed. You will control blackout cellular shades by saying "open" "close". And cellular shades top down bottom up can be controlled by App, such as remote control, opening and closing day night blinds according to your positioning, setting timing according to sunrise and sunset.and other advanced functions.
  • WHAT IS A DAY/NIGHT SHADES ? This 3 single cell shades in 1 offers maximum flexibilit, This means that you can switch between Day mode, Night mode and Half Day & Half Night mode. The middle bar separating the two fabrics can be remoted lower then enter Day mode(light filtering fabric) when light and privacy are desired. Remoted up then enter Night mode(room darkening fabric) when greater blackout and restful environment is needed. This is the perfect window solution for you all year round and 24 hours a day.
  • WHAT FABRIC IS THIS SHADE ? Usually, Light filtering fabric for the top half (Day mode), And blackout fabric for the down half (Night mode). (If you need to alternate the top and the down half, we will customize it for you). ①The Day mode is made of single cell light filtering fabrics that allow a soft, natural glow to pass through during the day. ②The Night mode is made of single cell 100% blackout fabrics with aluminum foil. it add a significant layer of insulation to your windows in order to providing ideal for energy efficiency then keeping warm in winter & cool in summer, and noise reduction.
  • WHAT ABOUT SMART MOTORS ? Durable quality battery rechargeable motor, each full charge can work for about 3-5 months. Pair with Yoolax Solar Panel, worry less about the charging effort. if your window is too high to charge or without an outlet, we suggest Solar Panel for a more energy efficient experience. The battery bar is exposed outside, you can put it behind the honeycomb blinds or on the wall. ----- IS IT CORDLESS ? YES, the cordless design is easy to use, and is child-safe making it ideal for a baby’s room.
  • HOW TO CUSTOMIZE THE SIZE ? Please click the "Customize Now" yellow button on the page. You can custom size of top down blinds between 34 inch - 86 inch W and 39"- 82"H. We will send an email to you to double confirm the size within 24 hours. ----- IS IT EASY TO INSTALL? YES, Don't worry, The smart blinds are easy to install, and there are detailed installation and operation instructions and videos. Please contact us with any questions / concerns / special customization- we are here to help.
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Question:My inside mount depth is only 2 inches. Can it still be mounted with just 2" of frame area to work with? I understand the valence will stick out.

Answer:We advise you to choose the outside mounting. 2" isn't a safe depth.


Question:Can these be controlled with SmartThings?

Answer:You need to choose the P440 smart motor if you want to connect to smarthings.


Question:How do i clean the zebra shades?

Answer:You can clean the blind with a wet cloth.


Question:We’re looking at these for a bathroom. When dark outside and lights on inside, is there any chance of people seeing through?

Answer:They will be able to see that the light is on, but beyond that, just shadows.


Question:Do you have the zebra blind with cord? without motorized?

Answer:Yes, please send an email to . We can direct you to place the order.


Usually dispatched in 4-7 working days after getting size confirmation. 5-8 working days for transportation.Customer self-installs, all the mounting kits, instructions are included in the package. The remote basic program is a factory set before ship. You can also email us to get the video or PDF version instructions.



Receiving damage of fabric or components, please take photos, send them to us within 30 days, we'll work with you for free replacement at a valid time. Each auto blind shades are made to order, can't be sold after a return. We appreciate customer precise measures & careful orders, avoid return without quality issues.



Yoolax offers end product a 2-year warranty on motors and controls. Any damage or fails of motors or controls in the first 2 years, we provide repair or replacement free of charge. If receiving damage of fabric or components, please take photos, send claim to us within 30 days. We'll work with you for free replacement in this valid time.

Motorized Blind Shades


Yoolax Motorized Zebra Blinds

Add the convenience of operating your shades with a touch of a button. Raise and lower multiple adjacent windows. The motorized option is the perfect solution for hard to reach windows.


The automatic blind is made of blackout polyester and sheer fabric that is designed to provide privacy while still allowing light to enter the room, 80% shading. 50% open to enjoy soft indoor light. Open to enjoy indoor sunshine.

Exquisite Fabrics

Double layer zebra shade Combines alternating sheer and solid fabric bands in horizontal stripes, by remote control adjusting the density of indoor light, isolate the external line of sight to ensure indoor privacy. Close blinds to block harmful UV rays.

Smart Home Automation

Durable quality battery rechargeable motor, each full charge can work for about 3-5 months. Pair a solar panel, no need to worry about the charging issue. P412 Remote Battery Motor needs a hub (Suggest Bond or Broadlink) to connect to Alexa and Google Assistant. P440 Smart Motor can directly work with smart things and 5 versions' Alexa (Echo Plus 2nd Gen, Echo Show 2nd Gen, Echo Studio, Echo Show 10, Echo 4th Gen). Other versions of the Alexa device and Google Assistant need a hub.

Controlling Your Window Treatments

15 channel remote (Pair to P412 motor) can control 15 power shades separately and simultaneously. Choose channel 0 to control all motorized shades at the same time. Single-channel timing remote (Pair to P412 motor) can schedule the open and close time, can control 1 smart shade only. 16 channel remote (Pair to P440 motor) can control 16 motorized Alexa blinds. Procedures are set before delivery, it can be used directly after installation. There are videos to help you set it too.

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