Yoolax Motorized Solar Roller Shades

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2 Years Warranty

Get a 2-year warranty on motors and controls for all shades

Extendable to lifetime

Customization Services

Provide complete personalization and size customization

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Open and Close

You could check the status of the shades on the App and control it with one touch anytime, anywhere.

Timing Function

You could set automatic opening and closing at different periods to meet your individual life needs and make your life comfortable and convenient.

Sunset/Sunrise Timing Function

Open or close the shades according to the local sunrise/sunset time, let the curtain work as regularly as the sun.

Positioning Control

When the position changes, the state of the window shade also changes. The shade automatically close when you leave home and open when you get home.

Remote Control


The blinds could reach 3 frequently used positions.
One remote could control 16 shades.

Voice Control


There must be many times when you want to control the shades by simply words.

Solar Panel

Charge With Sunlight

Solar Panels can make the charge automatically, enjoy more convenience and energy-saving experience.

Z425 Motor

[Power Source] Rechargeable motor, can work 600 times (4-6 months) per full charge.
[Voice Assistant] 5 versions of Alexa could be DIRECTLY connect. Other versions of Alexa or Google Home and SmartThings need a Zigbee Hub.
[Remote Control] Z561 remote, could control 16 shades at the same time.

YL23 Bluetooth Motor

[Power Source] Rechargeable motor, can work about 600 times (4-6 months) per full charge.
[Voice Assistant] Yoolax APP could be DIRECTLY connect. All versions of Alexa and Google Home could be connect via bluetooth hub.
[Remote Control] Lightwirl remotee, could control 9 shades at the same time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Bluffing no blinds company will beat them

STOP, I DEARLY WANT TO bring your attention, I am not paid to write this ad, at all !
But let me tell you, from all the companies online, from the expensive blinds to the discount places, YOOLAX bluffed us , from Day one.
First I had questions, they replied to every question in no time.
Second, my windows are at 32 feet high, I did not want to spend $10000 in electricity to plug my blinds ... YOOLAX , came up with the idea to use their solar panels (sold separately), and THEY WORK !
3, we picked the grey see through, so we could keep the natural light, people can see us , and now we are protected from. the heat and cold.
Everything was delivered at the exact promessed day!
The guys who installed my blinds were amazed by the quality and took pic for future referral.
To the entire team of yoolax, you win. I am ordering my entire blinds with you, no one else. The only thing is the remotes gets here with no batteries, apparently they are forbidden by custom.
when the installer came, I wanted to try my blinds before they leave. So I rushed out to a Walgreen buy a "2450" flat find large coin type battery.

yoolax I know your booklet to explain how the blinds to Alexa is not ready and you were franck about that but I cannot wait to get it .
I will post a review in one year for follow up
You made our lives easy, elegant and saved us $$$$$$$$ . I was asked by a famous company $8500 for all my windows and the new solar panels , they had to be installed only by their guys etc... when I will be done with my windows by Yoolax I will be saving $ $5500 huge huge difference.

Aslam Gour
Great Roller Blinds!

We bought six of these blinds, and they have been fantastic. They were easy to install. It has been great to be able to hit a button and open the whole room up to the outside. The only disappointment has been the Alexa integration. All six blinds show up as linked in the Alexa app, but there doesn't appear to be a way to control them from the app. The remote control provided by Yoolax works just fine, though.

Damien Davis
High quality, works with Hubitat

I was really impressed with the quality of these shades. From the packaging, to the instructions, to the fit and finish of the shades. They even preprogramed them to work with the remote. Setup was flawless. I’ve already showed a friend and he’s going to order some.

Rachelle Harber
Great product quality and outstanding value.

I have ordered three rollers with one remote. I have found customization process to be easy to follow. Once the order was submitted, seller reached out with the detailed spec and dimensions. They were able to answer all of my questions. The rollers was delivered in the advertised timeline. The installation process is super straightforward.After two months of use I had a problem where all three rollers stopped working. When I reached out to Yoolax, they immediately responded. After diagnosing the problem, they offered replacement motors. I blame solar panels I attached on the permanent basis, so I recommend skipping those and just charge the motors when the battery runs out. New motors were promptly sent and delivered. Replacement process was also super easy and Yoolax provide video instruction. It took me literally 5 mins to replace each motor once I figured what needs to be done.While there was a problem with the product, I was impressed how quickly Yoolax was able to resolve and how willing they were able to help.

Odell Barrows
Yoolax Motorized Solar Shade

 Excellent product. Easy to install and use. God value for money

fikile Walker
Excellent motorized blinds.

I ordered and installed three of the Yoolax brand motorized blinds. They arrived as scheduled from overseas (a bit over a month). They were very easy to install with the supplied hardware. Took about 15-20 min per blind (inside mounting option). We selected the white fabric that allows a bit of the light to come through. With us living next to a lake the blinds still enable us to see what's going on outside the house but dramatically reduces the glaring sun light and heat the comes from living next to a lake.We use both Alexa and Google for home automation control for various reasons. We have a Samsung SmartThings hub to link our appliances. And used the same hub to controll the Yoolax Blinds. It works very well. Like most hubs it takes a bit of time to configure the integration and control. But once completed, we have not had any issues. We use voice control more than the remotes that we ordered with the blinds. With that said, the remotes came preprogrammed and work flawlessly and look very good. With the remotes bright LED display they can be easily used at night.All in all we are vey pleased with the purchase and would definitely purchase again.

Cleta O'Conner
Great blinds, Alexa enabled, quick delivery.

I’ve now ordered 10 of these shades/blinds. They were very good on communication once you order. You just verify your measurements before they are made and shipped. Once’s verified they are quick to ship(1-2 weeks not bad for custom).Tips for Alexa integration:1) Make sure you get the smart battery option.2) Make sure you have a compatible Alexa.The pairing to Alexa is easy, follow the YouTube video, 4 quick clicks, one long, then ask Alexa to discover devices.Here is where I got confused. Alexa found the shades, but when I clicked on them in the Alexa app, there wasn’t an option to raise or lower them.You need to create a Routine in the app. When this happens, smart home, all devices, select your blind.I have it set on a schedule.Hope that helps.

Temitope Isokun
Be sure you measure correctly!

Great quality for the price. These are made to order so, it’s imperative you allow -.25 to -.5 inches less than the actual window opening measure - to allow for brackets. I made this mistake the hard way.

Faye Brown
Some quality issues with blinds, but Yoolax service fixed the problem.

Had an issue with the material on one of the solar blinds (creased), but Yoolax service was able to rectify the problem for me. Overall, I would recommend.

Narciso Keebler
Great product, company communicates very well.

The product quality is great.

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