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Great Producr and excellent customer services

Impressive. Priduct arrived early, quality is great. For my second order, i made mistake giving diemsions, they help and made the whole post sales experience a pleasant one. going to buy a few more.

Phenomenal product and support

The product itself is solid and we have purchased 5 blinds from this company already. However the support is also amazing. Michael in Sales helped me with a warranty issue with a motor that had stopped running. After they had me troubleshoot it myself and send a video of the problem, they quickly sent out a replacement motor. The entire process was painless and it solidified my decision to buy from them. I have so many more windows left to do and I know I will buy as many blinds from Yoolax as possible.

Smart house blinds

I would highly recommend these blinds. Very easy to install. Alexa enabled. I have mine set to open and close with sunrise and sunset. These blinds always impress!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these blinds

After getting a sticker shock quote from Hunter Douglas I decided to search for other options for motorized blinds. I found Yoolax on Amazon. I ordered 6 plug in motorized blinds and 2 battery blinds. I picked the navy blue color and it is a beautiful dark blue almost dark denim color of blue. I love them! I love the color! I love the easy to use remote. The blinds are quiet. No cords. No pulling on blinds with dirty hands. My experience with Yoolax was 10 stars. The communication from before ordering to ordering and installing was excellent. If I could give them more than 5 stars for customer service I would. We did have a few issues with installing them but Yoolax customer service was quick to respond and help. I had one blind with the motor on the wrong side and they helped me move it to the other side. I had a small little plastic piece break on install and a motor that wasn’t happy and they quickly sent me the replacement parts. Initially I found the instructions to be confusing but once I figured out how the settings worked on the remote to do the adjustments it became easy to understand. The instructions are correct but it just took me a few minutes to understand it. I LOVE THESE BLINDS! I really can’t say enough on how awesome they are. We got the black out blinds because the one side of our house is extremely sunny and they help keep the hot sun out. I have no regrets on ordering these blinds. I have 4 more windows that will need blinds soon and I will definitely order these again.

Thank you Yoolax!

They look and work great! See them for Yourself!

Here are my thoughts! Incredibly quick and easy to install. They look really sharp, and are high quality. I prefer these because you can’t see in through them very well, but from the inside you can see out well! And they let in plenty of light!

Great product, and it’s so fun using the motorized ones!

Yoolax means, you relax!

Yoolax means, you relax, I have tried looking the same blinds technology on my local neighborhood shops but all of them were very expensive, I am really surprised with the affordability of this product, you think cheap will have bad quality, not this one, this is maybe same or maybe better than your neighborhood blinds shop. Thank you so much yoolax!

True navy blue color. Perfect convenient addition to my lanai.

No negatives
Love them

These are great

These are really great. We needed something to stop the sun from beating in on us in the morning. We use to have insulated drapes that we would slide from the sides to stop the sun and for privacy. Now all we do is push the button on the remote. We are really happy with these. Happy wife Happy Life!!

Excellent product

Worked right out of the box. Didn’t have to program the remote and I didn’t even have to set the upper and lower limits. The manufacture took the exact dimensions from my order and set them perfectly for me. The only “incorrect” statement in the manual is that once the device is discovered by Alexa, the manual says you can say, “Alexa open/close the blind”. But Alexa does NOT recognize the command. You can say, “Alexa set blind xx%” and that works. The way around this is you have to set up a routine, where you program your voice command like, “Alexa, open blind” and then it works. They need to fix the manual in this regard. Aside from this everything works great.

Love these in our log home!

Great price, value, quality and service. My window frames required me to drill an additional hole in brackets but this was easy with a cobalt drill bit. I used Milwaukee 3/16 red helix bit for hard metal and bracket was put in vise for stability. The center shade covers a patio door we rarely use, the blind rubs on the handle and slows briefly but doesn’t stop. I’ll probably install a slimmer handle just for looks.
I choose the P440 motor and the remote was pre-programmed to open all 3 simultaneously. There are 16 channels so each can be opened individually but the pre-programming is a group function labeled CC (see pic). There are no instructions for the remote so I hope I never have to reset it.
The pictures were taken in upstate NY on a cloudy day facing west. Solar shades, black, 5% openess. Very happy overall.

It is amazing

Very high quality, looks elegant, quit motor, very nice professional customer service, really recommend it

Amazing value for the money!

We have a full wall of windows and for the last 2 - 3 hours of each day have been blasted by the sun. Not any more!! We were looking for cost effective motorized shades and found these 90% black out. Couldn't be more pleased! Great value, seller is super responsive and shipping was fast. Highly recommend.

Best purchase!

Best gem I’ve found on Amazon. I have a HUGE window in the front of my house, window treatments were way too expensive for a custom measured fit. I hate putting blinds up, but this (believe it or not) took me 10 min max. Easiest thing I’ve installed. I want to do my whole house. Remote is super cool and helpful. I never write reviews but had to on this one. I’m a 1000% satisfied.

You need to know what your doing before you order

Luckily all their dimensions are pretty spot-on so for my setup I was able to calculate everything within a 16th of an inch of what I needed. For my particular application I was doing a hidden blackout shade behind my existing blinds. So I didn't need perfect fitment top and bottom. I went with the smart motor and the gray fabric and the upgraded remote. So far I have found that the motor is very quiet and I can't even hear it with any light background noise going on. I have not connected it to Alexa yet and I don't really intend to at the moment since this is the only shade in the house that I need for my TV room for glare.

The no valance installation is super simple. I had to mount mine a little bit differently in order for my window track clearances to line up, but if you just follow their instructions it's not rocket science. I'm actually a professional installer, so I'm not the best person to compare for the average homeowner installations either. In my opinion as long as you know what you're doing and know how to set up your measurements for the application correctly into your order then there's not going to be an issue. I think if you want full coverage for a window you need to try and surface mount it because in order to fit the inside mounting they have to make allowances for the mechanism to operate properly. So don't expect an airtight fit.

The biggest thing I would critique on would be the price... For this one window It was $357... I understand this was shipped "free" directly to me and custom made to order, but for one window opening this seems to be a bit on the high side. The fact that it still uses a mini USB instead of a USB Type-C charging port for the price also is a minor gripe, but when just about everything else is type c now it's kind of annoying that I Have to have one very long mini USB cable hanging around for one application. I guess you could get an adapter, but I don't know what the voltage input can handle so that might not be a good idea. Lastly, the fasteners that they give you for installation are trash, but this is typical with most Chinese manufacturers, so throw them out and use something more substantial. Either a heavy duty wall anchor rated for a minimum of 50 lb each or get wood screws to hit your studs or firring strips.

Overall I'm very happy with how it turned out for my particular application. Maybe if they go on sale it would be a better bargain for what you get. As long as you keep your expectations realistic you're going to love it too 👍👍

good product

I replaced all the shades in my house with these motorized shades (14 total). The ability to make custom sizes was great because I have very wide and tall windows and patio doors.

The blackout shades work well in the bedroom, but I would recommend ordering shades that are placed outside of the window instead on inside the window frame because of the gap between the fabric of the shade and the window frame.

I also have the semi transparent shades in my living room and they do a good job reducing the sun and heat but still allowing some visibility.

The remote control works pretty well. Sometimes it takes one or two taps to get the remote to connect with the blind. I recommend ordering remotes for each room that you have the blinds in. I thought I could use the broadlink hub and app, but the connection doesn’t always work. If you need to order extra remotes later, it is very easy to program the new remotes. It was somewhat tricky programming the upper and lower shade limit, but once you figure it out, it’s great to be able to just tap up or down on the remote and the shades will stop at the programmed limits.

I open and close the shades at least 2-4 times a day and the battery lasts pretty long. I only have to charge them once every 4-6 months and I typically just charge them overnight.

Overall, the shades work well and I would definitely recommend them for people who want baytery operated motorized shades.

Excellent customer service, solid product and great price.

 I ordered 4 blinds in my first Yoolax order. 1 solar blind and 3 zebra blinds. Delivery was very fast and the blinds were quickly installed. Yes, the instruction manual is not the best. But from order time to installation was about 11 days, not 11 months! There was a problem with one of the blinds and Yoolax quickly resolved the problem by sending me a new blind in about 8 days. I was happy enough with the quality of the product and the excellent service from Yoolax (whom I conversed with on Whatsapp) that I just ordered another 11 blinds from them. I would not hesitate to recommend this company.

Nice adorable smart blinds!

Blinds are quiet, easily integrated with Alexa, and look nice. Customer service is great!

Amazing shades

This was my first time ordering shades online to see how is gonna be and I received the shades exastly how I was expecting. Customer service was great and installation was so easy. Am going to order for my another windows as well. Great job Amazon and Yoolax!

Perfect For Office

Not sure it gets easier than this. Complete the questionnaire on Amazon with your size requirements. Within 2 weeks perfectly sized and they work out of the box. Easy to install and comes with an easy to use remote. Good stuff

Yoolax Shangri-LA Shades Width 95 inches - I made it work with Apple Home Kit

You are reading right now my review wondering should I buy Yoolax or not? Is this one of those reviews that someone bribed them to leave a positive review or not? Well let me sum it up for you in one sentence:
No one bribed me, and Yoolax is truly a great company to work with and their products are truly great quality.

If you have all the money in the world and you don't mind getting ripped off then order from an American company that sources all their products from China and then they make lots of money off of you or If you have a limited budget and you want to get EXCELLENT quality shades then look no further, order from Yoolax.

I was able to integrate the Yoolax with Apple Home Kit, it took me some time and some custom script and I am offering my professional services if you would like me to do the same for you. Please contact me at [****] and I can provide you with all the required information.

I included the video showing me calling Siri and opening and closing the shade. I also included photos of the way the shade looks at night from the outside.

Warning: if you are not a technically inclined person and your VCR still blinks 00:00 then think twice before buying this shade. The included manual has excellent large font instructions with very easy commands to follow, however, it can be challenging to some.

I purchased Bond controller with my Yoolax and I am able to automate my shades however BOND has yet to include the template for the Dooya 15 channel remote, therefore you can open and you can close the shade however they are missing the tilt control. No worry if you contact me I know how to overcome this issue until bond comes out with a template for the Dooya 15 channels remote.

Good Honest seller, good product, great service.

Great quality product. Very service oriented seller. They will email you to confirm everything, offer suggestions to help you avoid making incorrect choice. I asked for some extra fabric samples and they were gracious to send me samples promptly. The Shangri La product looks great. It was easy to install. All items arrived quickly and were very professionally packaged. I just ordered a second shade, a zebra pattern this time. The remote programming was easy once you pull a helpful video on YouTube. Motor is little noisy but not too bad. Overall I am happy with the purchase. I am hoping the motor will last few years, but we shall see.

Perfect product for what I need!

Absolutely love this product! My blinds are two stories up and this is the perfect solution. I did get the three blinds with solar panels and do far everything works as advertised. As you can see in the video, we can open and close all blinds with voice commands and I've also got them set up to close at sunrise and open at noon (windows are on the southside of the house).
Yoolax was very responsive through WhatsApp and helped me out with some of the Alexa settings. Great product, great costumer service!!!

Great power roller shade. Ordering more for other windows in my house.

Great roller shades. Good quality and exacts size so they fit perfectly.
I ordered one set to try and I am loving it. Now ordering more for other windows in my house.
Easy to install. Good instructions. Motors and remote come pre-paired so you can control the shades out of the box.
The color that you see on my video is "Natural Beige".
Seller has support via WhatsApp. I had one question and they responded instantly.
Will definitely recommend if you are looking for a custom size shades.

Works ALMOST as expected - No issues with Google Speaker, just backwards commands with Tuya App

 I had my doubts about this but the team was very open to connecting with me ahead of my purchase via WHATSAPP due to the country calling restrictions. But they made sure I had everything I needed ahead of time for the smart install. We didn't have any issues connecting to our Google speaker (thanks to the WhatsApp instructions on pages 21 and 22), but there are some loose ends to tie up between the purchase and the receipt of everything. For instance, if I hadn't asked for the google speaker instructions, I would not have received them and only got Alexa. Also, It's not clear how you make two of the smart rods work together if you have a sheer set of curtains and a set of drapes - turns out you have to purchase TWO smart rods to have both that work independently of each other through the app and your speaker - you just have to name them separately in the app (we named ours "Sheers" and "Curtains" to differentiate the two) and then ask Yoolax for the extended brackets after purchase though the WHATSAP to ensure you can connect both rods together for install (1 rod for each set of curtains). One thing that was upsetting was that we did not get batteries for the remotes after such a hefty price-tag. You would think they would be. They require specific batteries (the round disk kind) and we were unable to connect with those, so we are still looking into the remote set-up. One final thing to note is that the "Open" and "Close" commands are backwards inside the Tuya app (this is the app that connects your smart rods to your smart speaker). So when we press the "open" or "closed" icon within the app it does the opposite. Same with the Google speaker since that connects to the Tuya app. Now, we have to literally think about what we want to say and then say the opposite to get it to do what we want. Overall, this was a tough process to understand and coordinate it all but at the end of the day, the smart setup was easier than expected and works. We just wish it used the right set of commands instead of the opposite! Good luck, ya'll! Ask a ton of questions and make sure you connect with them through WhatsApp to get the instructions and set up you need.

Best Blinds in Town

Great value hands down!

I purchased the partial see throughs for the dinning room as I wasn’t looking for a total black out shade. They allow the perfect amount of light in during the daytime while maintaining privacy. The remote to control the blinds is very sleek and easy to program. Also, if you purchase a BOND unit you can enable Alexa voice commands with these without having to purchase the more expensive Wi-Fi motors that are offered.

These come from a seller in China who custom cuts them based on your specifications. In total I have purchased six different blinds from the seller and they all have arrived within one and a half to two weeks of ordering. Seller is very responsive and promptly adjusted issues I had with items damaged in shipping. They also were very responsive in helping me with some technical issues as I was initially setting up the blinds and attempting to connect them with Alexa.

Overall, you cannot beat the value that these units have to offer. I feel that the material and the price point is on par with what you pay. Of course there are more expensive options out there with more higher end materials, but those will easily cost you $500 plus a blind. I plan on eventually purchasing more of these for additional rooms as I get to remodeling them.

Everyone who comes to visit my house is absolutely envious of my blinds and the automation that they bring to my home. It is great to be able to set them on the schedule to open and close, no more mundane opening and closing of the blinds on a daily basis!