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Screened Deck wind and Sun block

This product has been impressive so far easy installation and it does everything we brought it for which was to block the sun at certain parts of the day and moderate wind gusts it also has automated functioning that allows you to adjust to perform certain tasks when you’re not around based on your specific area weather or simply to have it open and close when you want it to which is also a plus we only opted for the Bluetooth version and it does everything we need it to do it shipped directly from the factory and it didn’t take very long to receive it tip try to make guide cables tight so that it doesn’t act like a sail it came as ordered motor on the side we needed color of material solar option included etc… so far we’re happy with the performance as well if the product has any issues we’ll update accordingly but for now great product

Nice quality. Good customer service. Works well.

I installed this in the vestibule of my front entryway to protect the front door from getting blasted by the sun in the late afternoon. The door is chestnut and I want it to look nice for the long haul. So far for 12 years I have had to lightly sand and recoat the varnish every year. I am getting tired of that routine and I think this shade will allow me to pare that back to maybe once every three years.My interactions with email customer service were informative and prompt. The product installed easily (I didn't install the wire guides or magnetic clips though because it is dead calm there - hence the heat build up issue I have in that vestibule) and it is performing well. I can still see through the front door windows because the fabric allows some light transmission but protects from almost all of the blazing sun. Would recommend.


We love our shade with solar charge, have had no issues for 11 months then the shade quit responding to the remote. You have to schedule a call with the service department which the first available was the next day. The support rep communicated with me throughout the waiting period and 10 minutes before our time called me. You communicate through What’s App which I had to install. Once installed it was very easy to communicate. I had to reset the connection between the shade and the remote. After it was reconnected I was instructed on how to reset the limits. The rep sent me printed instructions to follow and keep in case it happens again. It was a very efficient process and fixed my problem with ease. Thank you.

these are perfect!!!

just got 5 of these and installed around bedroom and bathroom. they look exactly as advertised, white color is perfect and they blackout the room! the remote is super easy to use, this is going to be an amazing convenience that i want to install all over my house now!

Good product. Easy to install

I'm really enjoying this blind. I plan to purchase more for the house. I had to get the remote to pair with a Broadlink hub, in order to control the blinds while away.

Great product. Horrible directions

The good and the bad. The product installation instructions are translated from very bad Chinese but this shouldn't deter you. If you have an inkling of tech skills, it won't be an issue. Follow your gut and most of all, my best advice is when actually getting ready to attach to your wall don't use the supplied tape to mark your drill holes to mount the blinds. Actually find the studs above your sliding glass door and mount screws into the studs. It's 100% more secure than the drywall anchors supplied. Find your own #8 2 1/2" drywall screws also. You'll thank me. There are no good videos to look at online to install this particular blind either. That's too bad for a $700 blind. It did hook up rather easy to my home wifi but know that it can only connect to 2.4 g wifi. Connecting to our home automated Amazon Alexa went pretty quick once I figured this out. Finally, if you have no tech skills to install this or don't have anyone handy to do it for you, this is NOT the product for you.


These arrived sooner than expected and were exactly as described, perhaps even better. I ordered the Grayish White. This is a total blackout shade and the installation was very easy. Customer service is outstanding, and the product is of high quality. This seller/store has offered the best communication I've ever had in my life and kept me updated every step of the way without me having to ask questions. The cherry on top is the product arrived over a week earlier than expected! I am so happy I went ahead and ordered a second one for my other son's bedroom. I rarely ever say this, but please buy with confidence. You're safe with this fabulous seller!

I recommend this product I love it

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Great value, quality, and easy to install!!!

Great product and very easy to install. Installation took about 10 min per blind. The app could use a little work, but it does what it needs to do.

Best motorized shades

I love the simplicity of this system its beautiful it works my wife is happy we are good.

Yoolax shines again!!

I am SO impressed with these outdoor shades!!I have now purchased eight indoor shades, and for outdoor shades from Yoolax.I am really impressed with the ease of pairing this with Alexa and how well they work with voice control. I can lower them 10%, 50% or all the way I ordered the whitest shades I could and lined them up next to each other to cover a large panoramic screen, it blocks the sun just perfectly without entirely blocking the view.Their customer service is awesome and they came totally perfect to the half inch of what I ordered. These are a totally different material than my indoor shades, and they are lightweight, match my cage, perfectly, and are totally hidden when rolled all the way up.I highly recommend you lax. The value cannot be beat.

Easy, Looks Great, Keeps Charged

I was nervous ordering for such a large window, but I couldn't be happier. I haven't had to charge it since it's first charging after installing it in late July 2022 (it is now January 2023). The color is great and it effectively blocks out the light.Easy to install and it was a perfect fit! If you are questioning buying or not, go ahead and buy - it's worth the money and I'd even say it's a deal for the quality. Planning on ordering for the back sliding door as well as our 8 foot tall front door that is all windows.You can change the speed of opening/closing, but I opted for the slower speed to avoid the somewhat louder sound it makes.

Just what we needed. Easy installation.

We needed a blind for a large (58x58) window over the bathtub. Access is awkward because of the tub making a standard blind difficult to raise and lower. Enter the Yoolax. Ordering was easy, just be very precise in your measurements. Measure the width at several levels and use the narrowest measurement. Installation was a snap. 3 brackets, six screws. One bracket 5" from each end and one in the center. We ordered the valance and the solar panel. Our solar panel is mounted horizontally at the upper right corner, hidden by the blind if it is not quite fully retracted. One note: the directions warn against mounting the solar panel inside if the light transmissivity of the window is less than 70%, and against mounting it where the eave or other obstruction blocks direct sunlight. The assembly seems to be well made so I don't expect durability to be an issue but only time will tell.

Very impressed

The ordering process was easy. I was even able to change things before final order as I realized my needs changed. They were quick to respond and get it just right. Product arrived when they said it would. Installation was fairly simple. If I had one critique it would be a little more words in the directions and not just pictures but EV a non-expert like me was able to figure it out. Works perfectly.


Blinds are great, easy install. But no clue how to add to an app to create schedules and automations. Own 6 Wi-Fi connected blinds and purchased multiple zigbee hubs (Yoolax recommended) to connect but incredibly frustrating process. Still have no idea how to add to an iOS app. I dont own an Alexa nor Google Home, BroadLink used RF frequency that doesnt reach far enough to trigger all blinds. So Im stuck with just the remote. I wish there was clear instructions. Could be such an awesome product.*EDIT*Yoolax Blinds are NOW HomeKit Compatible via Hubitat Elevation Home Hub! Easily was able to pair Yoolax blinds through Hubitat AND add HomeKit functionality. Blinds can be triggered via Siri and show up in Apple's 'Home' App! Updating my original post from 4 stars to 5 stars!

Just Wow!

Product easy to install. Excellent support (for my own idiocy). Connects easily. Extremely Happy.Now just need to set up my routine. So much cleaner and nicer than curtains.

Love!!! Beat my expectations! Inside mine looks amazing ??

They're in the Millie position so she can make sure the hood is safe! Super easy to install... I did it myself (though it would have been easier with another hand! Mine needed 3 brackets each which came with. If they send more than 2 use them! Make sure you have a good drill bit (exactly the size stated). Going to order 5 more for my other square windows.... need to figure out installation for the rounded windows (top mount challenge).

Wish we had made wider to clear all

It’s slides so smooth. Perhaps be able to say how much cord we needed. Would not let me send video. Thank you so much for all you help and help when we had problems.

Customer service is great!

These were easy to install. Programming the remote was a bit of a challenge. With the help of YouTube, I finally got it. They work beautifully. Just what I wanted. They work good with Alexa, but you will need a hub to integrate with. The batteries last for weeks before needing charged. Overall, I couldn’t be happier unless they lowered the price a little.

Love these shades!

My husband said these things took longer to get out of the box then they did to install. They look beautiful in our remodeled home. We ordered them for our master room first to see if they worked the way we wanted. Then we ordered 9 more for the rest of the house. They look beautiful and go really well with my decor.

The video speaks for itself

Its a great product. Great customer service. I had some minor issue with the solar panel. The company gave me full customer support and had me refund that part. They are currently helping me in pairing with Alexa. Do check before buying as it needs the new gen models of alexa to pair with. Overall, this product brought class to my living room. I love it. See the difference of daylight blackout in my pictures of the living room taken at the same time of day.

I love it??????????????

It is very easy to install and looks awesome

Great! Exactly what we asked for!

Its quiet and works great! The only thing I wasnt exactly happy with was how it sits away from the wall a bit wit the wall brackets. It is very light as well so dont worry about weight. I am trying to determine if there are brackets that keep it flush with the wall instead of having the gap. Other than that its great! It also made the house cooler upstairs. We didnt realize how much it was heating up the surrounding upstairs with the sun all day. While we ordered 100% blackout its not really 100%. But its damn near close enough.

Great outside shades

Great product. I installed it 2 weeks ago and it works flawlessly so far. It was very easy to install. Customer service and communication with the seller was excellent. Packaging was great and it was shipped and arrived as promised. I just ordered another one for my other patio. Thank you Yoolax.

Pretty awesome

I used the Yoolax shades to darken my living room where I have a projector and screen to watch movies. The order arrived well before the estimated time. The blinds are total blackout blinds, meaning to don't let light come through. You will get some leakage on the sides tho.

The seller recommends that you add 3 inches of with if you plan for an install outside of the window frame. I did not do that, as I planned to use tracks. As you can see in the video, my order is just wide enough to cover the window.

The "tracks" on the side that you see are simple moulding trim from Home Depot, cut to size, and on the inside I have black duct tape. I used the original moulding from my the wooden blinds in front of the new rolling shades, and it looks great.

The blinds came pre-programmed with different channels. If you use channel 0 on the remote, you'll control all your blinds (up to 15) at the same time.

Note that they don't ship the CR2450 battery needed for the remote control. I had to go up to Home Depot for that, but you can also order them here on Amazon.