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Nature in the city

by Olivia 09 Apr 2023 0 Comments
Nature in the city

Many people may be surprised to learn that when we talk about cities, we habitually think of nature conservation as being in places far from cities, but in fact cities and nature are inextricably linked. Many years ago, TNC was already looking at the relationship between cities and nature, starting the Urban Project in the U.S. Our cities need nature.

*The Nature Conservancy (TNC), founded in 1951 and headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, is one of the world's largest international nature conservation organizations.

What nature looks like in the city?

As Aristotle recognized more than 2,000 years ago, "People gather in cities in order to live; they abide in cities in order to live better." And today, with more than half of the world's population already living in cities, cities have truly become the primary place and space for human habitation. While the buildings give people a sense of security, the steel and concrete shells also make people feel the coldness of the city.

The German classical romantic poet Hölderlin's recitation of "poetic dwelling on this earth" describes a beautiful state of life for us, and the opportunity to get close to nature in the city and find a mode of living in harmony with nature has become the dream of almost all urbanites. In the city, the increasing number of green belts highlights the ecological process of modern cities. We usually look for traces of nature through parks, zoos, sky gardens on office buildings, etc., but these places are ultimately some distance away from our daily life and require us to spend some time to look for them in specific places.

How to find nature?

In recent times, there has been a great conflict between the existence of nature and urbanization since the industrial revolution, so building a small nature in the city may seem to be a contradictory proposition, but in fact, the rapid development of city life is making people feel tired. People in the city turn to the mountains, desperately seeking nature to soothe their tired hearts.

Building a natural home environment that is closer to our daily life has gradually become a trend that people living in the city are looking forward to. So how to integrate the sense of nature in the home environment?

Yoolax, as an explorer of nature, environmental protection and green living, has been committed to creating a small nature in urban life together with consumers and passing on the concept of nature and environmental protection to more people.

In the newly launched V series Yoolax incorporates elements such as forest, lake, wheat field and lava into window treatments, bringing nature into home life and conveying the most realistic colors and textures of nature. Consumers will vividly feel the purity of nature in this collection. Despite living in the downtown area, they can still feel the beauty of nature in their daily lives.

At the same time, all the window treatments in V series are durable and high performance fabrics, and the whole series can be highly effective in sound and heat insulation, reducing noise pollution while effectively insulating the interior of the house, bringing consumers a comfortable experience of warmth in winter and coolness in summer, and reducing the energy consumption.

As far as the home environment is concerned, window treatments are important products that help us isolate ourselves from the outside world and establish our own private space. When we install V series window treatments in our home, it can bring more natural and fresh feeling to our home environment and help us to experience the original natural environment through them in the house immersively, constructing a small nature with ecological sense from home details.

Of course, Yoolax natural environmental protection concept is still continuing, not only in the window treatment, in the field of intelligent systems and lighting we will continue to be committed to the integration of nature into home life, the environmental protection and energy saving to implement all products.

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