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A warm couple DIY renovation old house - Nik&Alivia

by hejune 27 Sep 2022 0 Comments
A warm couple DIY renovation old house - Nik&Alivia

Nik and Alivia are a blissful couple, who love doing DIY home and remodeling projects, they accumulated 1.5 million followers on TikTok. Currently, they are renovating their 1930s home.

We worked together and provided motorized&manual Shangri-La shades on all 26 windows of their home in recent times: Click here to view

"A year and a half ago, we bought our 1st house together and decided to remodel it. This home is exactly what we wanted——a 1930s brick home in the heart of Tulsa, we plan to transform this home while keeping its old vintage charm."


"With no experience, we wanted to show everyone it's possible that, even with the full-time job, and with never doing a single project before, you can take on massive home projects. We felt way over our heads. But ultimately, here we are, eight months later, in the house is almost complete. Oh yeah. And we did it all while she was pregnant, and the babies do in only two weeks.“

Since we want to know more about Nik & Alivia's experience about our products and DIY home decoration, we asked them a few questions, which may inspire and help you who are also interested and passionate about home decoration:

Q: Do either of you have a background in anything related to houses?

A: No, I'm a Peds nurse and Nik is in sales. Nik has always been a very handy person but all of these projects are a first for him.


Q: How do you have time between full-time jobs?

A: Nik works normal hours Monday-Friday& I work 3 times a week night shift. So the nights I work, Nik stays up till about two workings & then we work together on weekends and days off.


Q: How did you get the knowledge to do these projects?

A: We have researched a lot! Google&YouTube are our best friends lol. We have also reached out to friends and family in our community for advice and help!


Q: Do you live in the home while you're renovating? If so, advise for living in construction?

A: We didn't move in until we finished scraping the popcorn, painting the entire house, taking out a wall, and putting the floors in one room so we could sleep in there! My advice is to plan time at the beginning of each week that you & your family agree is work time so that everyone can prepare for the noise, inconvenience, etc. Also, try to have a space that you can be in that isn't being worked on or changed! Ours was our guest room.

Q: Why did you choose smart shades and the brand Yoolax?

A: First of all, we have no experience in DIY, and facing such a large project of home renovation, it will push us to the limit, so we need a smart system to help us, after all, this is the era of smart technology, not 20 Century, we need to keep up with the times, which can help us a lot. Fortunately, we found the brand Yoolax and chose it after comparing various smart shades. Price, quality and service are all our selection criteria.


Q: How do you feel about installing Yoolax's motorized Shangri-La shades?

A: I will admit that Nik is much better at this hands-on installation than I am. Yoolax provides a very detailed installation video tutorial, which is very simple to follow step by step, even I can complete the installation by myself. We need to praise Yoolax for their service :)


Q: How do you feel after using Yoolax's motorized Shangri-La shades?

A: Because we have a lot of windows, it would be very troublesome and laborious to manually pull shades one by one, so motorized shades can save us a lot of futile work, and only need a remote control or voice to control one or more shades . It is no exaggeration to say that we fell in love with smart home because of Yoolax. Intelligence makes life easier and more fun. Never tried Motorized shades before, it's really nice to be able to control them comfortably.


Q: What attitude do you maintain towards smart home products? Have our products made any changes to your thoughts?

A: We love smart home features! They make life simple, and fun! We had never tried smart blinds before, but we really love them. They look and work great, and it's so convenient to be able to sit in comfort and control them!

Through this cooperation with Nik & Alivia, we have a better understanding of this loving couple. We are also very proud that Yoolax can bring practical comfort, convenience and brand-new life experience to customers.

Yoolax motorized Shangri-la Sheer Shade brings users the double enjoyment of home aesthetics and higher quality of life.

Yoolax motorized Shangri-la Sheer Shade is the best choice for maintaining privacy and controlling light.

When we look at the scenery from the house, we can get the maximum view. At the same time, outsiders cannot see the inside through the window, and it creates a hazy scene through the shadow of tulle. Make privacy protection to the extreme while maintaining your view of the outdoors.

It adopts a three-layer structure design, two layers of veil combined with slats, and the dimming function is realized through the dislocation of the lampshade and the mesh. It can not only enjoy the scenery outside the window, but also introduce natural light into the indoor room, so that the indoor and outdoor scenes are integrated, as if in the art of painting.

Match with voice control systems such as Alexa/Google Home. Such as APP remote control, timing, group control and more intelligent functions are waiting for you to explore.

Each of our products is tailor-made to the millimeter. All our creations are unique, conceived and designed according to your needs.

We are committed to providing you with "natural, green and energy-saving" products to create smart technology and comfortable home life.

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